Skymoons Edinburgh

Returning to the traditional games industry in May 2017, I joined Skymoons Edinburgh which was a new western division of Chinese studio Skymoons Interactive headed by Michael Boniface.


KB13 was a free-to-play, third person deathmatch game for iOS and Android. Prior to the sale of the parent company to Chinese streaming giant iQIYI, the studio was closed down in April 2018, mere weeks before KB13 could be completed and released.


  • Researched and implemented the art pipeline for the character and clothing artists. This involved writing tools to organise the raw assets, handle the import into Unity and create in-game assets and database entries. I worked closely with the artists to make sure the process was as easy for them to use as possible while meeting their needs.
  • Designed and implemented databases for managing customisable clothing. This included an item restriction system that prevented certain combinations of clothing that wouldn’t work well (eg Afro hair and hoodie) and replaced some items with alternative versions to prevent intersections.
  • Developed the user interface, including the front end and HUD.
  • Mentoring junior members of the code team.

Technology Used

On this project, I used the following technology:

  • Unity 5.6 using C#.
  • Xcode on macOS for iPhone and iPad.
  • Git, GitLFS, SourceTree and Bitbucket for source control using the Gitflow Workflow.
  • Confluence and Jira by Atlassian for project management and issue tracking.


The following videos were produced as samples of work in progress and are therefore not of a completed and polished product.

Please note that the music in the Gameplay video is NSFW.